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Blossom City is a linear slice of life visual novel about a town split between the past and present and the people living in it. Follow Aiden Hensley as he learns what it means to be alive with the help of an estranged father, over-caring professor and a carefree peer.

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Please Consider donating to my Patreon to help with development of current and future projects!


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(225 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, Gay, Kinetic Novel, Mental Health, NSFW, Ren'Py, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few seconds


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It was such a good fvn. Hope for more hyponova 💕💕


Could you update the link to the discord server please?

Links been updated

it's funny how people get the bad ending.. so.. there are so called two routes.. you can have both of them in this which is a perk i kinda like..

also, i thought that the teacher would be a potential antagonist right from the start.. but nothing happened so i am looking forward to see his development in Blossom City: Winter.. so.. with positive comments out of the way.. all i thought about was that the story loved to be nothing.. outside of that thought, the situations were just way too random to push the non-existent "plot" in a direction and used all of it as a set-up for probably the best scene in the VN which was the family gathering scene even though it's also kinda random and it took way too loooong and had me thought about dropping it when said pay-off did not happen yet.

there's also a same situation of it when i saw that weed dude who appeared as fast as he left, i thought of that dude as a wildcard and that his randomness revealed an important info later on, even though it's not an info that affects the plot.

thanks for the chess minigame cuz without it, i sorta would never even bother reading the whole thing cuz i have adhd and the story was way too boring even if the main character is a bit relatable from hobbies down to mannerisms from the start. cuz all the VN had from the start was to randomly give set-ups and the pay-offs for said set-ups were relatively late.

i kept playing chess because the AI is kinda human-like at times and felt fair.. but there's something missing.. i need to promote, castle and en passant.. there are also gameplay issues like Ai not giving me checkmate and the 3 repetitive moves draw + 50 moves without eating a piece draw not happening.. it teaches bad chess when someone for some reason does not have any knowledge of chess plays it..


An actual VN that I enjoyed reading/watching, thank you for making this masterpieceeeeeeeee


I would like to join the discord and the link is expired. 

I already put my rating in the game - I am impressed. Quality of story is top notch, and the art is divine. I sympathized with Aiden's anxiety with life (esp. the people in it) and his rut. 


updated the link


i think the discord link just expired :P


new link should be up

(1 edit) (+8)

I admit I thought that the vn was slow. And I felt the mc wasn't engaging enough...

...until I realized that was the point. I went in expecting a slice of life vn and assumed the mc was another reactionary blank slate for the reader to latch and self insert themselves onto. This was until coming across certain scenes and going "oh." and eventually "wait a minute." Suddenly I had to reflect on how I had been engaging with certain aspects in the story. 

 Putting myself in Aidens shoes changed my entire perception of this visual novel. Reading his internal monologues as he goes through his daily routine became vastly more interesting after understanding where he is at in his own life. Its shudderingly realistic and immersive and I appreciate how far the dramatic irony goes. 

This novel is an exploration of Aiden as a character. And the way this is explored from his perspective is very nuanced and in my opinion: very well executed.

Blossom City has quickly become of my favorite visual novels and I sincerely hope it isn't as overlooked as it seems. Its art is great. Its writing is fantastic. The music, UI, and other touches of polish like sound effects go so far in adding to this gem of a game. I can't wait to see more and I hope more people pick it up.

Also, the sex scenes are REALLY HOT.


Hi HypoNova , hope you are doing great, any news about whats up to come? thanks in advance, stay safe.

A project I made the art for is supposedly coming out before the end of the month, so theres that. Also working on getting a demo out for my next project.


I think you meant to put hands in pockets


Discord link is expired. Also, great game.


link has been updated


Now that Fall has ended, now what, Blossom City: Winter?


Some day, yes


Does anything actually happen if you win the chess minigame? Or just the satisfaction of winning?


Secret secret

(1 edit)

No it doesn't do anything (at least nothing that's immediately apparent), I beat it on the second try and just got this:

Unless you have to beat it multiple times? I beat it twice consecutively, but I got the same message.


New discord link up, please reply or like this comment if it's expired


Hey, Good day or night. The link has expired hope I didn't cause any inconvenience.

New link should be up


Sorry to bother first...
I would love to join your discord, but link seems to be expired again. Could you share fresh one?
Thx <3

New link up


does this vn include nsfw (sex) scenes?



Discord invite is expired.


New link is up


Really enjoyed this, and looking forward to the next two books!

Is the story done? It was really good btw


Book one of three is finished


One of my favourite VN I've read, amazing writing, art and character desings. I love it ❤


Blossom City establishes a strong theme from the very beginning and really sets itself apart from other FVN's through it :3

The emotions are conveyed fluidly, the characters are well developed, and the yiff scenes are extremely hot! :p top marks for the final sex scene btw, very well written smut right there! U///U realistic aaand sexy~

I really like how the Fall section of the story developed, so I'm exited to see what will happen come Winter! n_n 

Thank xou for sharing xour story with us! \>_</ and good luck with all future writings!


I just finished the new update and I loved  it, Seemed as a great stop point, although I don't know if it was the end of the VN itself or just a stop point, but regardless, if it isn't the end yet, I'll be eager to play more, but if it is the end, I'm happy that I got to read such a sweet and amazing story <3


I really liked the update! It's a little sad that it ended so quickly and we didn't find out what happened next. I'll be looking forward to the new book then:)

Hay una una ecena con Bernardo?

Hi, I have a question. 

(I do NOT want to spoil anyone so if you are starting the VN don't read) 

This and in the part where I try to blame myself with the teacher but after the choice to disir [NO] I hear his heartbeat nothing else happens could they explain to me yeses to the common or something.


VN starts very slow, but I do love how the story is teaching about depression from a lack of trying in life. The characters are excellent as well! My only complaint is that I wish there were quotations for whenever characters speak since it's hard to pay attention when it is the main character thinking or someone is speaking out loud


Poor Richard  hope it goes better for himl


I love this VN  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  <3


wooooow that was kinda intense

interesting VN dude :D liked! 

waiting for more 


When Francis and Aiden are taking a break from the paper on "The Violet Sparrow", is Francis playing "What Remains of Edith Finch" or something else?(just for the sake of my curiosity :D)


Not exactly What Remains of Edith Finch, but It is a reference, yes.

(1 edit) (+1)

Cool, good to know :D

When will we get more routes than the teacher?


Talented, Brilliant, Incredible, amazing, showstopping. I loved the atmosphere, the MC is so fresh and relatable, Everyone's cute, everyones's interesting, I had such a good time. Well written, just a fabulous experience. Excited to see more!


am i... am i the only one who didn't get the bad ending? °-°


No, you're not alone there. I straight up avoided it without even knowing it existed.


there's bad ending already?


yeah hahaha sort of 


I was playing till like saturday, the "date" and seeing no new route option, thought u need to skip chatting with Rick, but that makes the game end ASAP xP

Does Francis have a route yet?


I’m not sure what’s happening and how you guys keep on getting the ‘bad’ ending… I’m pretty sure you just have to be nice to Rick to not get the bad ending.

ok so i am ONLY getting a bad end after the date and at this point i have tried EVERY combination of choices and STILL only get it. is there something i am missing? 


Try going back to chapter one and making more positive choices

i can only do chapter 1 cuz that is all it will let me do


Is there multiple routes or just one route it's kinda hard to tell since your kinda pushed to one at the beginning then it almost seems like later there should be?

I am enjoying this VN (chapter 5 not much) and look forward to future updates!

hey, just curious, dunno if it's exclusive to android or anything

every update creates a new app, not updates the currently available app (layman's terms is every time I "update" the vn I get two apps instead, one updated version and one past version)

is this intentional? and if so (or not), can you at least make a chapter select thingy? it's kinda exhausting sitting thru the past stuff skipping up to the updated stuff

Anyway, great stuff. Different from other VNs I've seen, but it's good. Relatable and the mc doesn't go on a long tangent on how the light shines or whatever like a poet so it's nice.

(1 edit) (+1)

It might be intentional because the file name of the game is different each update, Renpy is kinda annoying sometimes with updating games so it's completely understandable.

You can manually transfer the saves from one update to another pretty easily anyways.


I'm bad at putting my emotions and my taughts into words but i really really like this VN , it feels so real... i like that , thanks for this vn.


I've played this game twice and at this point, I thought it was a good time to share my thoughts on it.

I'll expand a bit more from the given description just so people can get a better idea of what "Blossom City" (BC) is.

It is a kinetic/linear slice-of-life VN. Instead of being the lovey-dovey mushy slice-of-life that most romance-themed furry VNs go for, BC's more akin to a depressive perspective of life, given that the MC is a somewhat depressed young adult. It's not like the "I'm always sad" depressive, but rather like being stuck in a rut in life, comfortable but not happy; unwilling to budge from the comfort due to a lack of will and the means to do so.

The story shows the MC's thoughts, feelings, mindset, and emotions through his life situation and what he is experiencing throughout the story, which is surprisingly good for his character development even if it is simple.

BC's story, in combination with its art and original soundtrack; creates this rustic feeling of a comforting and relatable slice-of-life yet is merely, to quote the story itself; "a facade of comfort crumbling away, betrayed by years of poor treatment."

I feel people will enjoy it. Just don't go in expecting something that plays to what people consider normal from dating sims and furry VNs. Try it, and see if the story captivates you. You can expect pretty good art and soundtracks though!

As of the time of writing this, the build should take about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete if you go at its auto-forward speed.

Enjoy I say.

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